delivery/entregaWhat is the cost transport
Usually transportation is included in the price of the product. Otherwise, the system will inform you about the cost when placing your order, depending on destination.
You can contact us through our contact form or phone (+34 902 918 963) for any query related to transport and special and urgent shipments.

What is the delivery time of an order? We ship express with major transport companies all over Europe, America and elsewhere with a delivery time 2 to 3 days (once manufactured the product), depending on the country.
At the end of your order will be sent information on delivery.
Alternatively, you can track your order through our computer system with your username and password. Click here.

Why took so long to make?
All Neckons products are handcrafted of 100% natural, premium quality. We usually have items in stock, but if not, we need about 1 to 7 working days for the preparation and replacement of our products.
If most of this time delay, or in case of lack of stock, we will contact the customer to inform him of the incident. In this case, he may opt for a similar product that is in stock, or repay the amount.

How is delivery?
In Nekckons distribution protocols have with transport companies that meet our requirements to provide you excellent service. They are responsible for delivering the request in the direction you want: in your home, your workplace, etc.. When ordering, it will make available the most appropriate carrier depending on factors such as method of payment or delivery area.
It is important to review at the time of delivery, the package has not suffered any shock or damage, and if not, refuse to post specifying the reason for the rejection and setting at contact or phone (+34 902 918 963) with us soon as possible to inform us of the incident.

What happens to my order if I am not present?
If the carrier fails to deliver the order, will retry the next day or will contact you to arrange a new date, so it is important that you provide your phone numbers and e-mail at the time ordering.
Note: In certain areas imposed by the carriers, if the client refuses the order, the customer is not entitled to reimbursement.

I can have different addresses for billing and delivery
Yen. When ordering you can choose different addresses for billing and delivery.
Also, the system will save the information from all directions you want, so you can later return to make purchases without having to retype addressen.

I can place orders for gift
Yen. Neckons supports purchases for gift items and can customize a message forwarding. These packages come with special gift wrap.
Likewise, remember that if this type of shipment, indicate two different directions to the invoice and package.
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Can make deliveries to PO Boxes
Unfortunately, we can not.
However, when you contact the carrier can tell you personally removed from the office of the carrier.

Shipping costs depend on the area and the amount of the order. (VAT included)

Order Amount ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3
Shopping up to 45 € 6 € 18 € 45 €
Shopping above 45 € FREE 18 € 35 €
Shopping above 250 € FREE FREE 18 €
Total Order Amount including VAT excluding transport Spain
United Kingdom
China PR
These charges will be applied automatically when the checkout.