orders / orders Our Commitment
We manufacture all our products with 100% Natural Stones of top quality.
We maintain a strict control of each of our manufactured products.
We control all our raw material also meets our standards more demanding.
Neckons, is characterized by having high quality products that can corroborate our customers.

Guarantee Certificate
Deliver a Guarantee Certificate of our stones stamped and signed by Neckons.
This certificate is unique as it is directed exclusively to the respective parts.
Each piece that leaves Neckons carries a serial number, and is always a unique handmade piece , by its very nature.

Care to keep in mind
The pieces may vary slightly from those shown in the images (normal and due to the nature of the stones).
This piece is made with highly resistant materials, but need some care.
Being natural stones involves not subjecting it to strong shocks, as well as liquid chemicals that may damage the properties of the parts.
Rinse with tap water minerals and soap and expose 4 or 5 hours of sun.